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The slideshow gives a view of a very small sample of my recent work. If there is a particular image you want to look at longer, stop the slideshow and pick the title from the picklist. If you have any problems viewing the images, please email me and I'll sort it out.

Since moving to Norfolk in 2005, I have been exploring with my camera, focusing on architectural details and the natural world, moving in close-up, looking for patterns and colours and quirky combinations of objects and ideas, and then enhancing them in Photoshop. I particularly like boosting the saturation to draw out the often wonderful colours hidden in nature's rather subdued palette. I am regularly surprised by the images that present themselves, and many times the result is a picture with ideas that I hadn't seen when taking the original photograph. A successful picture for me has a presence or a hook that draws the eye in, and uncertainties and surprises that lead the viewer to ask questions and see the subject differently from how they might if they encountered it in life. Finding the right words for the title is a vital component in this process.

My picture "Future Dreams" was one of the 84 works selected from 681 entries to the Eastern Open 2006 at King's Lynn Arts Centre.

For exhibition, these pictures are giclée printed onto archival paper before being mounted and framed in natural ash. I have also recently started experimenting with printing on canvas on box frames (and you can see more of my recent work on the slideshow at www.myspace.com/atlt - and even more at www.flickr.com/photos/bananarublev)

This slideshow gives you an idea of the images but there really is no substitute for seeing them printed at display size. Many are printed at A3 - big enough to take up your field of vision, but small enough to easily fit onto a domestic wall space. Others are at A4 or A5, and I also have produced a range of greetings cards. Have a look at my News page to see about my exhibitions, or if you are going to be in North Norfolk, email me to arrange a viewing.

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